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OOO "KLVZ CRYSTAL" traces its history back to 1901.

Acceptance and storage of alcohol.

    Rectified ethyl alcohol “Lux” is stored in two tanks of 15,000 dal each in a distillery. Rectified ethyl alcohol "Alpha" is stored in a third tank with a capacity of 15,000 dal in the alcohol storage. 

Alcohol enters the plant in automobile tanks. Alcohol pump through the accounting system "ABSOLUTE" and mernik pumped into tanks alcohol storage. The release of alcohol into production (in the cleaning plant) is carried out from storage tanks through the measuring tanks through a stationary alcohol pipeline pump. All alcohol from the measuring tanks, dialed above the maximum level, is discharged into the tank, from where it is pumped back into the measuring tanks.

Preparation of vodka.
The technological process of vodka preparation includes the following stages:

Preparation of drinking water. For the production of alcoholic beverages used drinking water from the city water supply, after a complex of technological operations for water treatment.   
Water supply from the water pipe to the water treatment system is made through a water meter pump.
To obtain corrected water in the treatment plant has its own water treatment system, which includes sand filters, where the water is purified from mechanical impurities. Next, the water enters the de-iron station, consisting of filters in which the iron in the water is transferred from divalent to trivalent and deposited on the filters. Regeneration of the filter is carried out automatically by reverse water flow.
From the station of iron removal water enters the ion-exchange filter, filled with cation exchange resin KU-28чС (Na+) for water softening.  Softened water enters the water collectors, where the pump is fed to demineralize and reduce the alkalinity of the reverse osmosis installation number 24. The water passed through the membranes (permiate) enters the collection of reclaimed water, with a capacity of 1500 dal, from where the pump is fed to the 3rd floor of the treatment plant to the water collectors.

The process of preparation of vodka. Production of vodka is carried out in the treatment plant. The alcohol from the alcohol cellar of the outer spiropoulou enters the 3-floor shop in the collections of the pressure – measuring tanks. From the measuring tanks by gravity, the alcohol is passed to the 2nd floor of the shop in sorting vats with a capacity of 800 gave each. 
After the supply of alcohol to the sorting vats from the collections of reclaimed water installed on the 
3rd floor of the treatment plant, gravity fed water. Measurement of the required amount of alcohol and water produced by measuring glasses. At release of vodka on the domestic market use of the corrected marriage for preparation of sorts is allowed. In this case, from the collection of corrected marriage to the sorting VAT before the water Bay, the estimated amount of corrected marriage is set.
In sorting vats, the measured amounts of alcohol and water are mixed to produce a water-alcohol mixture (sorting) using mechanical mixing devices. Sorting is prepared at the rate of obtaining a water-alcohol mixture with a strength of 40.25% ± 0.1.  Then sort secondarily mixed and verify the fortress.
The finished sorting pumps are pumped to the 3rd floor of the treatment plant in pressure tanks with a capacity of 800 dal each, as well as a volume of 1000 dal each.
Next is filtering sorting on coal-cleaning the battery:
       - using "mini carbon columns" (elements) filled with coal impregnated with silver;
       - consistently in the coal-cleaning the battery and with the use of "mini coal columns»  
For the treatment of water-alcohol mixtures, the following brands of active coals are used: BAU A (GOST 6217-74) and other brands permitted for use in the alcoholic beverage industry.
From the pressure tanks of sorting, gravity fed to two in-line sand fertility on which the filtration of water-alcohol mixture from mechanical impurities contained in the sort. 
After passing forfilters, water-alcohol mixture enters the coal column from the bottom up, and then for final filtration — in sand filters. Sand filters after coal columns provide detention of fine coal particles, resulting in attrition in the filtering process, and impart transparency vodka.
The processing speed of the activated carbon sorting is established taking into account the mandatory obtaining of a positive effect from the processing and, above all, increasing the tasting evaluation of the sorting under the influence of activated carbon. 
Vodka: a sand filter by gravity falls on the first floor of the shop in the collections of vodka
Further, in accordance with the recipes and technological instructions vodka is prepared using sorting, filtered on coal-cleaning batteries. A blend of vodka is prepared in blended vats.
From blending tanks with a lab made selection of ready-made vodka is analysis.
Obtained vodka from the collections of vodka with a pump in the piping is transferred 
in the pressure Department of the bottling plant. Then the finished products are sent for bottling.

Bottling, capping, product design, packing in boxes, transportation to the warehouse.

Filling of vodka and registration of finished products is carried out on specialized lines, which include: monoblock (rinse, filling, capping), semi-automatic brakerazhny, automatic labeling and excise stamps. All machines are connected to each other by plate conveyors. For decoration of bottles termoconvettori lines installed heat shrink machine.
Before bottling, the product is subjected to control filtration through the finish filters to remove suspended particles that can enter the product in pressure vats or in the pipeline to the filling machine. Filtration is carried out continuously during the filling process.   
Vodka through the volume meter system "ALCO" comes to the candy bar.
Filling of vodka in bottles on level is made by the machines working on the principle of dosing of liquid by creation of a vacuum in a pressure tank, dispensers and in bottles. The bottle on the conveyor system enters the monoblock, where the rinsing of the bottles with the poured product, filling the bottles with vodka (bottling is carried out according to the level), capping the bottles. Capped bottle after candy bar subjected to a visual inspection before light screen brokering semiautomatic. At the same time, the tightness of the capping, the transparency of the drink, the presence of foreign inclusions, cracks in the bottles are controlled.

The bottles that have been rejected arrive on the conveyor to the machine for gluing labels and excise stamps for registration. The bottle is glued label, back label, collar, excise stamp, date is applied using an inkjet printer.
Decorated and marked bottle, passing through a piece device accounting bottles "USB-3", is removed manually from the conveyor and placed in a corrugated box. Packed box on the conveyor for boxes (POS.82) comes to the packaging machine, where it is sealed with tape. On a box the date of release of production is put down. 
Decorated boxes come to the warehouse of finished products. Before shipment of products to the consumer, the products undergo visual inspection in the warehouse of finished products. Rejected products are sent for recycling in the treatment plant.
Boxes with bottles stored on pallets by product.
Hydraulic trolleys and forklifts are used for transportation and loading and unloading operations in the warehouse.

Purchase, storage and supply of alcoholic beverages (wholesale).
Sale of the made alcoholic products (vodka), and also, purchase, storage and delivery of alcoholic products of other producers, including wine, vodka, alcoholic beverages is performed by LLC TD KRISTALL KALUGA on the basis of the license No. 40ZAP0005522 of 19.05.2016 issued by Federal service for alcohol market regulation.